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Impera Lab  
We deliver custom Digital Screen and Billboard solutions fit for any space, budget or the flight of the imagination. We upgrade existing displays to modern control systems and have the capability to reverse engineer existing components that are no longer available on the market. Our experts can build you a brand new custom solution or give your aging equipment a new life.

We integrate some of the most innovative solutions into LED displays. Our developments include irregular and custom shaped LED screens and interactive displays and lighting installations that respond to movement or body motion.

Every component for your digital display or lighting project is handpicked and subjected to rigorous testing. We take special pride in the quality of our products and offer UL and ETL certified products that are guaranteed to perform exceptionally and deliver best results.
  Main Office
  Toll Free:      
  Service Area:   Digital Billboards, Digital Signage, LED Screens, LED Displays, Free Shape and Free Form custom displays, LED Lighting
 Products and Services
3-Dimensional - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
3-Dimensional - Portable Signs   
Computer Technology    
Computer Technology - Digitizing   
Computer Technology - Displays   
Digital - Control Systems   
Digital - Digital Displays   
Digital - Digital Imaging   
Digital - Digitilizing   
Digital - Displays   
Digital - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Digital - Outdoor Advertising   
Digital - Sign Faces   
Digital - Sign Frames   
Digital - Software   
Digital - Tech Support   
Digital - Time & Temperature Signs   
Digital - Video Walls   
Display Systems    
Display Systems - Exhibit Systems   
Display Systems - Indoor Portable   
Display Systems - Outdoor Portable   
Display Systems - Sign Frames   
Dynamic Digital Signage    
Dynamic Digital Signage - Content   
Dynamic Digital Signage - Displays   
Dynamic Digital Signage - Networks   
Dynamic Digital Signage - Players   
Electric - Control Systems   
Electric - Digital Displays   
Electric - Displays   
Electric - Electric Signs   
Electric - Installation Services   
Electric - Lamps   
Electric - LED Components   
Electric - Lighting Equipment   
Electric - Outdoor Advertising   
Electric - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Electric - Tech Support   
Electric - Video Walls   
Fabrication - Digital Imaging   
Fabrication - Displays   
Fabrication - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Fabrication - Kiosks   
Fabrication - Sign Board   
Fabrication - Video Walls   
Fiber Optics    
Fiber Optics - Displays   
Fiber Optics - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Fiber Optics - Fiber-Optic Signs & Systems   
Fiber Optics - Installation Hardware   
Fiber Optics - Lighting Equipment   
Fiber Optics - Sign Cabinets & Light Boxes   
Fiber Optics - Tech Support   
Installation - Channel Letters   
Installation - Directory Signs & Components   
Installation - Electric Signs   
Installation - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
Installation - Installation Services   
Installation - Murals, Wall Graphics   
Installation - Video Walls   
LED - Clocks   
LED - Control Systems   
LED - Digital Displays   
LED - Digital Imaging   
LED - Directory Signs & Components   
LED - Displays   
LED - Electronic/Moving Message Signs   
LED - Installation Services   
LED - LED Components   
LED - Maintenance Services   
LED - Menuboards   
LED - Misc. Supplies   
LED - Outdoor Advertising   
LED - Portable Signs   
LED - Power Supplies & Ballasts   
LED - Schools & Training   
LED - Software   
LED - Stock-Message Signs   
LED - Tech Support   
LED - Time & Temperature Signs   
LED - Traffic Signs   
LED - Video Walls   
Other - Digital Imaging   
Other - Displays   
Other - Video Walls   
Outdoor - Architectural Signs   
Outdoor - Digitilizing   
Outdoor - Displays   
Outdoor - Electric Signs   
Outdoor - Large-Format Digital Printing   
Outdoor - Lighting Equipment   
Outdoor - Solar-Powered Sign Lighting   
Outdoor - Time & Temperature Signs   
Outdoor - Traffic Signs   
Outdoor - Video Walls   

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