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Newbie's Guide to Web Design

Welcome to the Newbie's guide to web design. As time goes on I will be developing a series of helpful tutorials on everything from writing HTML code, to creating web graphics to doing animated images and banners. You will find below the beginning of my series on writing HTML. I will taking you through a series of lessons on how to build a basic web site from start to finish. I will then branch off into the more complicated areas such as creating forms and animated gifs.

In time we will also explore things like writing proper meta tags for the search engines and submitting your site to the search engines. I am always open for suggestions and comments on ways to improve the site. Drop me an email anytime.

  • Introduction to HTML - It is just that, an overview of HTML and what you will need to get started.

  • HTML Lesson 1 - Start to learn how to write HTML code and create your first web page.

  • HTML Lesson 2 - Learn how to use the head and body tags to divide your web pages.

  • HTML Lesson 3 - Learn how to use the paragraph and line break tags in your web pages.

  • HTML Lesson 4 - How bulleted lists are used with in your web pages.

  • HTML Lesson 5 - How to format your pages with bold, italic and underline.

  • HTML Lesson 6 - Learn Body "Building".

  • HTML Lesson 7 - Body "Building" Con't.

  • HTML Lesson 8 - Working with Tables

  • HTML Lesson 9 - Hyperlinks

  • HTML Lesson 10 - Building a Multipule Page Web Site

  • HTML Lesson 11 - A Complete Website

  • HTML Lesson 12 - Page Content

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